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War on Bodies and Internal Family Systems CEUs

Internal Family Systems

12:00-1:30pm on Thursday, March 23, 2017
Presented by Michelle Hawn
Hosted by Sage Recovery & Wellness Center
Free | Lunch Provided | Lunch Served 12-12:30

At this point, it is likely you have at least heard about Internal Family Systems (IFS) Theory. I recently found this in my inbox from Psychotherapy Networker: “In recent years, the Internal Family System (IFS) model has been one of the fastest growing approaches in our field. Why have so many seasoned therapists been drawn to IFS? Because IFS is scientifically proven to be effective in offering deep emotional healing and inner transformation.” Curious? Here’s your chance to learn a little more about IFS and gain a deeper understanding of how this non-pathologizing approach to healing can succeed with many clients when other approaches have failed.
Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the origin of IFS, get a brief overview of how it works and its myriad applications.
  • Explore the 8 “C’s” of Self.
  • Understand the 3 different kinds of Parts and how they interact to help or hinder our systems.
  • Discover how you can incorporate basic IFS into your practice immediately.

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Meet our presenter,
M. Michelle Hawn, MA, LPC-S
Therapist and LPC Supervisor 

Michelle especially enjoys helping her clients explore anger, anxiety, life transitions, and relationship issues. She earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling at the Seminary of the Southwest in 2006. Her counseling experience includes 7 years counseling men and women in treatment for domestic violence offenses, and she has a special interest in helping couples move past conflict into creating shared meaning in their relationship. Please visit her website for more information.



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Women and the War with Our Bodies

1:45-2:45pm on Thursday, March 23, 2017
Presented by Kate Winer, MA, LPC-S
Hosted by Sage Recovery & Wellness Center

Kate will discuss how to identify and work with women who are preoccupied by this affliction, healing the mind/body relationship and overview of resources available to supplement therapy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Teaching how to identify body image obsession
  • Discussing the healing process from the Mindfulness/IFS perspective
  • Delivering information on resources to supplement therapy


Meet our presenter,
Kate Winer, MA, LPC-S
Trained Life Coach, Practitioner of Geneen Roth’s mindful eating, Yogic Lifestyle, OneTaste’s OM, and 12 Step Recovery

Kate is a Therapist and Wellness Coach who teaches women how to recover healthy body image and behaviors that affect our bodies. She works with women on healing from generations-old conditioning, improving our inner-dialogue and changing our behaviors slowly for lasting change. Please visit her website for more information.

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